Saturday, September 1, 2012

Your Story Guideline

Write your own story…                         Visual Development for Animation
                                                                   Bob Dob & Cecil Kim / Fall 2012

You are the creator of your own movie.  Bob and Cecil will act as Creative Director / Producer.
The class is designed to support your vision and assist you to put together a pitch material
for your own story.
So first thing we need to do is coming up with storyline.
Here are some guidelines and story elements you can play with.
Please discuss with us if you would like to change up or use any existing story.


  • There are 2 main characters will be in your story.
  • 2 completely opposite characters in terms of personality, background, appearance
        Ex) Pixar’s Carl & Russell
  • One of the characters need to be one of the followings:
§  Chef
§  Magician
§  Treasure Hunter
§  Inventor / Scientist

  • 1 Villain
  • Villain’s minions / Soldiers

Settings & Blackground

§  The story takes place between 15C-19C in Eastern Europe or Asia.
§  If you want to reference any popular folklore stories or historic characters- that’s allowed.
§  You also need to create background for travel destination which can be in fantasy setting.
§  Story needs to be simple and needs to have a theme.
Ex) Treasure, Art, Travel, Adventure, Technology etc

We will give you random keywords to help you design your 2nd character.

Cecil  Kim
Bob Dob

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