Saturday, September 15, 2012

Alex Cabal - Story Update

A young Aztec boy is constantly being teased for being too short, and too weak to be a “man.” While his peers are growing tall and strong to become warriors, he is always left behind because he isn’t qualified to become a protector of the city. To prove his self-worth, he announces that he will explore the cursed temple that is found in the forest of Chapultepec, and bring back the ancient treasure that no one has ever been able to find.
            When the boy entered the temple, he accidentally activates a trap, and barely manages to stay alive from it. Trapped inside, the boy decides to continue to look for the treasure anyway and find a way out later. Just when the boy thought he found the room that had the ancient relic, he instead awakens the Temple Guardian. As the Temple Guardian prepares to attack the one who awoke him, he sees the boy and starts to laugh. The boy is becomes frustrated, because not even this thing took him seriously. The Temple Guardian then tells the boy to go away, but the boy refuses to leave until the Guardian tells him where the treasure is. However, since the Guardian has been sleeping for centuries, he forgot where the treasure was hidden. This lead to a series of constant bickering between the two.
            Meanwhile, a Spanish conquistador discovers the island. He plans to get the gold that has been rumored to be found in the New World, and will take down anyone who tries to get in his way. He also wants to become king of the island if he finds civilization. He scoped the area until he found the temple in Chapultepec, and explored the inside. Falling for the same trap that the young Aztec boy did, the conquistador is now trapped. He awakens a mischievous spirit who takes the form of a monkey. The spirit introduces itself as a banished god trapped in the temple. He tells the conquistador that if he is able to give him a human sacrifice of a young boy, so that he can be free and grant him his wish of conquering the city of gold.
            When the conquistador fell into the temple, the Temple Guardian noticed that there was another intruder, and sensed that the banished god has been freed from his slumber. He ends his bickering with the boy, explains the current situation that they’re in and grants him a deal. He will help the boy find the treasure if the boy promises to show him the outside world. The boy accepted his offer because not only will he bring back the treasure, but he can now prove that he is a worthy protector of the city if he prevents the conquistador from taking over his home.

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