Thursday, September 13, 2012

L'Aperitif - Story


On July 25th 1846 Napoleon’s brother Joseph died in Florence Italy. The word spread quickly all the way up to the family owned Chateau Mardefond. Sadly the family could not afford to keep the help, so they had to let go of all the workers in the chateau. Everyone thought that the best chance to get a new job, was to go south and try to find fortune on the vibrant city of Paris; everyone except two interesting fellas.
Gaston Retif was the cheese-maker at the chateau. Driven by passion he was always on the lookout for beautiful girls, and anything that would complement his most recent delicious dairy creation.
On the same path, heading north, Gaston found himself walking right next to Francois Laper, the well renowned winemaker. It was the first time in 20 years that he had left his winery in the Chateau’s basement. Francois had the art winemaking down to the last grape, yet, he had never tried a single drop in his life. He was extremely organized and methodical – “One place for everything, and everything in its own place” he used to say. Never taking any risks . . .never, until today. Gaston and Francois saw each other and without a word started walking down the same path.
When they reached the Somme River, they both thought it was a good time and place to have dinner. The food was cold but the discussion got heated really fast. Gaston thought Francois was a blend person for just eating a carefully sliced carrot, and Francois could not bear the blend of hand handled ingredient sin Gaston’s sandwich. Just as they were going to drop heir meals and get ready to rumble, someone screamed, “HELP!” from the other side of the river.
They both blasted away to rescue the helpless Camille from the horde of barbarians. The barbarians were chased out, but little did our friends know, for the captain of this group they just chased was the son of Otto Grandmanos the Barbaric leader of northern France and south Belgium. 
As a token of appreciation, Camille invited Francois and Gaston over for dinner at her father’s house in the small town of Lacenna.
The town used to be a joyful place, but ever since the barbarians came into the scene, everyone kept to himself or herself. Gaston and Francois brought happiness back to the people of Lacenna.  The soil produced a new kind of grapes that Francois had never seen before. He was making his best concoctions yet. There were not only cows but also goats and buffalos, which lead to new fantastic creations from Gaston.  However, the real reason for them staying in Lacenna  - even though Francois would not admit to it- was to conquer Camille’s heart.
The peace lasted only a few days, for the Barbarians came back to retaliate for the humiliation of Otto’s son. Lead by Camille, fired by Gaston and organized by Francois,  the town of Lacenna decided to stand against the Barbarians.
It was an Epic battle and the town of Lacenna had an overwhelming triumph. That is why in memory of this epic battle, every day, just before dinner, the people of Lacenna gather together and share tales of their own, amidst delicious cheese confections and smooth wine.  The town decided to merge Gaston’s and Francois’ last names. Thus this special treat receives the warm term of L’aperitif.

Rafael Bencosme

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