Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jessy: Il Viaggiatore del Tempo

Il Viaggiatore del Tempo (The Time Traveler)
In the 167th century time travel has been made possible. Though a traveler cannot participate in actual events, the traveler can see history unfold with their own eyes. The Time Traveler has made a device that could allow other travelers to interfere with history. She soon realizes her mistake when her brother steals the device and travels across time and space. Things begin to go wrong with history and she must stop him. She builds another device and follows her brother in an attempt to thwart him.
The device was much more powerful than the Time Traveler originally thought. It jettisons the siblings out of their own universe and into another where they land in a Renaissance Venice inhabited entirely by cats. The devices break and the siblings are stuck. The Time Traveler quickly loses her brother after being swarmed by a crowd of curious cats. The Traveler tries to settle and investigate the whereabouts of her brother but is constantly bombarded by hungry, curious cats.

During one of her few investigations, she catches The Pirate in the midst of trading some valuable sketches of the Sistine Chapel. She captures The Pirate after a good chase around Venice and turns the sketches over to the authorities. As she takes The Pirate to the Doge’s Palace he tells her that someone else paid him to steal the sketches; someone who looks just like her. The Time Traveler decides to take the lead and drags The Pirate along with her to show her the way.

With the Time Travelers strong sense of justice and The Pirate’s cunning, the two unlikely pair embark on an adventure to save the Universe from total chaos.

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