Friday, September 14, 2012


Pirate Academy
                In 17th century, after conquering the world, John Krash claimed to become the King of Pirates. John found an undiscovered island in middle of the Caribbean. The island is surrounded with storms, tornados, and many dangerous creatures. No-one could ever get on the island or even close to the island and survive but John. Therefore, everyone called the island “The Dead Mark”. John found it the perfect place to hide his biggest treasure in the whole world.
                John returned to his homeland, the East Sea, and opened his own school to train anyone who wishes to become a great pirate in the world or to become the next King of Pirate. He calls his school “Pirate Academy”. John and his screws will teach different skills and techniques. Many people joined the school. Some are very old and some are very young. But they all have one purpose is sailing to the new world and become a greatest pirate.
                A 16-year-old student, Blade M. Strike, is the most trouble student in the school. He is fast, funny, quick reaction, and he like to discover the world. Also, he never gives up on anything. His dream is becoming the next King of the pirates.
Blade has a friend while he was attending in school. She is a 15-year-old girl, who loves hunting treasure. Her name is Tina. She is very smart and a quick learner. She loves to learn about the geography, and she knows most of the maps in the world when she was 12. She is also a very fast shooter.
                One day, Blade got into a trouble for breaking John’s flag Pole and beat his classmate up (his classmate had to go to the hospital). It’s not the first time he was called to meet the president. While waiting for President John, Blade got bored and he looked around to find something to entertain, and he found John’s safe. He was curious, so he broke the safe and he found his first treasure map, the John’s greatest treasure.
He looked for Tina and told her about the map with hoping she is coming with him. They decided to go after the treasure so they leave the school. Tina found out that the treasure is not on the island but somewhere she hasn’t known yet, so they went to the town and look for more people.
                John found out his map is stolen, so he sent his crews to go after the kids. John didn’t want anyone knowing about his secret so he wanted the kids must be dead. Luke, a doctor who has been following John for many years, he saw the good inside the kids. Luke is a very kind person, and he is also very strong. He helped John because John saved his life. He only saved people life, and he didn’t kill anyone without a good reason. Luke found the kids and decided to help them staying alive and finding John’s treasure.
                Luke also wanted to leave John, so he secretly built a small flying ship. They had to fight John’s men and made way to the ship. After Blade, Tina, and Luke found the ship and fly to the sea, John was very angry and he decided to go get them by himself.
                After all troubles, fighting against many scary and dangerous creatures, Luke, Tina, and Blade made their way to the Dead Mark Island. They also recruited some amazing pirates. They found the treasure and John made it in time to stop them. But both Blade and Tina had learned and become much stronger after years traveling, they were ready to fight the King of Pirate. However, John is still much stronger for all of them. They had a very hard time to win.

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