Saturday, September 22, 2012

Christian Archondo - catch up work

Wish Hunters
Leo- Age 12. The protagonist of the story, he is a rebellious but very intellectual young boy with a knack for magic. Leon lost his mother at a young age, and his father is always busy with research trips, so with no one there for him he tries to get peoples attention by using magic and giving the villagers a hard time. His world changes when he hears of his fathers death and Gus becomes his foster parent and trains him to be a man. Things get even more complicated when he finds his fathers journal.

Gus- Age Late 20s. A big burly guy with enormous vitality and power to break rocks with his fists. He works as a renown mercenary, treasure hunter and a jack of all trades. He is loud, outgoing, humorous guy and has a strong sense of justice and responsibly, except when it comes to money.

Dragon (Níðhöggr) - The guardian of the Underground Temple where the tree of Yggdrasil is secretly planted. The two protagonist final challenge toward getting to the tree Yggdrasil. His sole duty is to get rid of all intruders that trespass in its grounds. Murderer of Leo's father Henry.

Henry - Age 38. Leo's father and powerful wizard. After the death of his wife he changed he did not accept the death of her wife and researched for ways of bringing her back to life. He then learned about the tree of Yggdrasil and became obsess about it. 
The story takes place in a fictional based setting, with some Norse mythology. The story begins in a bar when a big  guy called Gustavo a.k.a Gus is hired by a mysterious man named Henry. In the bar, Henry wants Gus to be his bodyguard for his journey to a hidden temple. The whole trip goes smoothly and they talk about the places they live. However, when they go through the temple there is a loud roaring noise and the ground they are standing shakes and a cave in occurs, both of them are separated. Henry calls and Gus responds and  starts to pick up rocks one by one. Then from the shadows in Henry's end appears a dragon. Henry in fear, fights back with magic, but having no effect on the dragon. He then accepts his fate and calls Gus one more time and says." Gus can you hear me. I have a son, named Leo. He is a smart kid, and has a bright future. I need you as my last request, please be a mentor for him and be a better father than I was. Then there was sound of fire and Gus stops picking up rocks. In Gus's end is the entrance in which they came from and he decided to keep his promise with Henry and raise his son.

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