Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jessy: Sketches and Keyframe

Second Keyframe

Story Revision:
Persian Prince and Princess: Ahriman and Ahura Mazda
Time traveling from 7th Century Persia to 16th Century Venice
Ahriman is studying to be a great sorcerer while Ahura trains to be a powerful warrior. One day Ahriman, kills their father to take the throne but when his sister finds out he attempts to escape with a minion to a far off land. Ahura manages to latch onto them at the last minute and all three are transported to a Venice inhabited by cats. Confused by the technology of 16th Century Venice and the cats, Ahura is caught off-guard and Ahriman’s minion is able to knock her out. He and his minion escape to a remote part of Venice. Ahura awakens surrounded by hungry pirate cats. The pirate cats try to eat her but she defeats them all. She threatens to take Baldassare, the pirate captain, to the authorities unless he helps her find her brother. Ahriman, in the meantime, has built a mechanism for his minion to inhabit and control. He confronts his sister with the machine in an effort to stop her once and for all. Thinking that he has killed her he teleports again back to his palace. Though she is not dead she is stranded on the island of Venice.

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